Wearable Psychic Reading 

 Personalize your jewelry according to your picks from the Razage Oracle Deck.  

Create a pendulum or keychain according to your preference of style and color.

Custom Bronze necklace with citrine, 

        Energetic & Aromatic Jewelry 

Custom One of a Kind Pieces. Take home custom jewerly made, according to, your intuitive reading.

      Personalized Intuitive Reading

 The Razage Oracle Deck is custom desiged and infused with Karuna & Usui Reiki. It offers Reiki Energy, Wellness Insights, Crystal and Essential Oil guidence.

            Detachable Pendulums

Your pendulum is always ready to answer questions on the go. Simply detach from your pendulace (necklace + pendulum) and re-attach when you're finished. 

Distance Readings Available

Readings include follow up email with your session details and photos of cards picked. 



Garnet - Passion, Courage, Grounding, Success, Self Confidence

Ruby - Energy, Strenghth, Power, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Transformation

Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love, soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment, comfort

Rhodochrosite - enhance spirituality, attuning to one's higher self, meditation, expands consciousness, channeling spiritual awareness to physical body

Carnelian - Encouragement, Change, Courage, Protection, Community

Peach Aventurine - Balance Emotions, Expression, Positive Thoughts, Self Confidence

Citrine - Intelligence, Confidence, Healing Wisdom, Wealth, Abundance, Manifestation

Tigers Eye - Protective, Grounding, Keeps a Watchful Eye

Yellow Jasper - Optimisim, Hope, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Self Confidence 

JadeRenewal, Growth, Wisdom, Luck, New Beginnings

Emerald -Hope, Preserve Love, Prophecy, Tranquil to troubled mind

Add $7 shipping to mail orders under 10lbs. Shipped to contential US only. 

Have jewery made for any theme,   holiday or occasion 

Personalized by using your Razage Oracle Deck picks or preferences

Razage Oracle Deck  

Labradorite - Communication, Teacher, Self Truth, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepath

Lapis Lazuli - Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom, Memory, Harmony, New Ideas

Amethyst - Psychic, Meditate, All Planes, Protection, Concentration, Justice

Moonstone - Safety, Innocence, Light, Vision, Dreams, Perception

Hematite - Authority, Power, Death, Focus, Success, Rational

Onyx - Discipline, Comfort, Independence, Vision, Dreams, Perception

Quartz - High Spiritual Vibration, Transform, Amplification, Meditation

Bone - Vitality, Magnetism, Strenght, Life Energy

Coral - Ocean Energy, Peace, Transformation, Protection

Glass - Melding of 4 Elements, Transformation, Rebirth, Focus, Communication

Lava - Mental Protection, Power, Grounding, Fire Energy

Pearl - Feminine Energy, Purity, Charity, Integrity

Wood - Strong Earth Energy Conduit

Crystals come from the earth and have varying, measurable, vibrational frequencies. These frequencies can interact with and benefit the frequencies of the human body. Below are the crystals that Razage uses for your oracle reading. Color also has an impact on the psychology of emotions. Feel free to request crystals not found on this page. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes. Razage does not diagnose, treat or cure any ailment, illness or injury. Please see a qualified healthcare professional if you need medical attention. 

Your session details will be emailed to you with photos of your card picks

* pendulum or keychain. Session length - up to 50 - minutes

Trusted Sources, Premium Essential Oils. Razage Uses Earth friendly materials whenever possible

Elemental Preference......................................$30

Pick 3 sm decorative beads (not crystals/semi precious), 1 large end dangle, 1 basic finger hold and one embellishment.

Deluxe Preference...........................................$45

Pick your 3 favorite authentic crystal beads, 1 decorative finger hold,     1 crystal cage with 1 crystal. 

Elemental Oracle Reading.........................................................$99

Choose from the Razage Oracle Deck: 3 Crystal Cards, 1 Reiki Card,     1 Wellness Card. Includes:  basic chain, 3 decorative beads, 1 dangle bead, 1 basic finger hold and 1 embellishment. *

Deluxe Oracle Reading...........................................................$149

Choose from the Razage Oracle Deck: 3 Crystal Cards, 1 Reiki Card, 1 Wellness Card, 1 Essential Oil Card. Includes:  fancy chain, 3 authentic crystal beads, 1 dangle bead, decorative finger hold, embellishment and mini vial of essential oil. *


Necklace with detachable pendulum custom designed using the your prefrences (elemental) or Razage Oracle Deck (Deluxe) . In studio or by phone. $169 + depending on crystals/materails used. You will receive a quote beforehand. 

Personalized Jewelry 

smokey quartz & essential oil cage. 

Experience an Intuitive Psychic Reading, using the Razage Oracle Deck. . Each piece of jewelry is tailored to your energetic path and includes a custom pendulum or keychain, using your energetic messages at the moment. Elemental Readings include a basic chain & finger hold and decorative beads. Deluxe Readings include decorative finger hold & chain and authentic semi precious crystal beads & a mini vial of essential oil picked during your session. Both include an email with details from your reading. Pendulum/keychain approximately 7 inches long.