Body, Mind & Soul

Razage, pronounced like massage, is a wellness studio that partners with YOU, to maintain your health. Offering a variety of services, products, classes and workshops, to accentuate your practice or personal life. 

Booking a holistic session is one of the best things you can do to maintain your health. No longer regarded as a luxury, studies have shown that aromatherapy, massage, and Reiki can improve circulation, reduce stress and promote relaxation, therefore, facilitate healing. A proper diet, exercise and regular bodywork can keep you happy and healthy.

Your involvement in the maintenance of your health is the key to your success.   At Razage we consider our involvement as a partnership with regular maintenance, rather than a quick fix. Pain you may have been carrying around for a while, may take a while to undo. We cant do it without your commitment and investment to your health. Maintaining your health is more efficient than trying to undo issues.

Taking care of yourself is your right and nothing to feel guilty about.

You cant help others very well, unless you first take care of yourself!   

Come on in and take care of YOU!       


Reiki is a technique that works to balance the energetic system of the body. Our bodies have innate wisdom and it knows how to heal itself, we only need to allow it be in a relaxed state to do so. Reiki supports this relaxed state.


 What are some benefits of Reiki?

 * Reiki is complementary to/enhances any level of medical treatment                      * Assists with the relief of stress, agitation, acute/chronic pain

 * Can promote rest/improved sleep patterns                   ·                                               * Can enhance comfort measures

·*  Promotes deep relaxation                                                                                                 * Aides the healing of deep emotional issues/trauma

 * Releases negative/stuck energy stored in the body/mind system                             * Assists balancing of body/energy centers/channels 

 * Promotes compassionate action towards self and others                                            * is a great self health tool

Reiki is a form of energetic balancing that has been noted in texts over 2500 years ago. It was known and used in Tibet and Japan but the word "Reiki"’  (pronounced Ray- kee) is a Japanese word. "Rei" meaning God, Universe or Spirit and "Ki" life force or energy. Reiki is not a religion and anyone can receive it. Reiki is quickly becoming more mainstream" and is an effective use of Universal energy. Today,  it is being utilized in hospitals, cancer centers, through hospice, by nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and others. Reiki can be used alone or as a compliment with any other form of treatment. It has no negative effects or negative energy transfer. It is only positive energy delivered through the practitioner. Reiki is a technique that works to balance the energetic system of the body. The practitioner is only the conduit and does not direct the energy.

 Theory of Treatment

Stress, trauma, injury and illness restrict the flow of energy or ki (chi) in our body. This energetic flow can become, blocked or stagnant and cause other processes to malfunction. Reiki is a positive and energetic balancing of this system. When in a relaxed state, the body can heal itself. Many find relief from one session but if your body has been out of energetic alignment for a long period of time it may take multiple treatments to bring a it back into balance. Improvement requires client commitment to lifestyle changes and guidance to facilitate change. The practitioner is only the conduit and does not direct the energy.