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Health Maintenance Through Holistic Harmony


Razage handcrafts quality products with natural ingredients. Try our pendulace line - wearable pendulum, jewelry made from your Intuitive reading, aromatic jewelry or bath/body products using our signature scents or have a scent created just for you, loved one or event.

Make your event extra special, with a scent tied in with your theme. Studies show that memory                 is connected to aromas. Why not make your party a great memory!

You can even offer products with that same scent, for sale or as gifts, at your party.

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Essential oils have been used by many cultures for centuries. Using these natural dervivatives is one of the best ways to compliment the inner physician of your body. Our body knows how to heal itself, we just need to facilitate its ability to do so. The many attributes of essential oils can significantly aid in this cause. While essential oil is easily put into routine practice, knowing the many properties and contraindications (when not to use) of the oils is imparitive to proper use. Please use caution. Aromatherapy has made a great comeback and is more mainstream. There are many studies on the benefits of essential oil use, as well as, opponents to the use of them. Do your research, ask yourself Who is behind the research? What are they trying to gain by the research shown? If you could buy a natural or organic product rather than a chemical, synthetic version, wouldnt your body appreciate it? 

Aromatherapy and essential oils are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure and are NOT a replacement for medical care or treatment. If you feel that you need medical care or treatment, please consult your primary healthcare professional.  


Razage Aromatic Product Line - Handcrafted using eco-friendly practices and pacakage whenever possible.

Wearable Reading Jewelry - have a pendulace (necklace + pendulum) created from your energetic picks from the Razage Oracle Deck. You may also choose your preferred colors/styles, if you prefer not to use the oracle deck. Just want a pendulum or keychain? You can use the Razage Oracle Deck or preferences to personalize one for you, loved one or event. 

Aromatic Jewelry - carry your favorite scent where ever you go. Prices vary by materials used.

Scent-a-mental Journey - Handcrafted greeting cards with custom blended aromatic sample vials. Have one created for you or a loved one or pick from our siguature scents. (Cards are blank inside)

Custom or Signature Perfume - half ounce, purse sized roll on 

Body & Room Mists  - 2 to  8 ounces                                                    

Bath Drops & Fizzy'z - 2 in a pack or 4 for a discount

Foot & Body Saltz - 4 to 8 ounces

Diffuser Blends

Travel sizes & purse inhalers

Lip Balm & Perfume Balm

Scented Lotion 

Razage Aromatic Product & Jewelry Line

Razage Pendulace - Necklace with removable pendulum

Have a piece custom designed for YOU!